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Institute of Management and Research is run by Shri Shivaji Maratha Society which was established in June 1921, under the able guidance of His Highness Chh. Shri Shahu Maharaj (King) of Kolhapur Sansthan. The society is established in the memory of the Great Maratha King, Shivaji Maharaj, who spent his childhood in an around Pune. The Society is registered under the Bombay Public Trust Act, 1950. National leader Shri Sharadchandra Pawar is our inspiration of the society.

The society is blessed with endeavors of great personalities like Late. Shri Shrimant Khasesaheb Maharaj of Devas, Karmveer BhauSaheb Hire, Baburao Gholap, Deshbhakta Keshav rao Jedhe, Baburao Sanas, Ram bhau Khese, Keshav rao Dhere, Ganpat rao Shedge, Bhaskar rao Jadhav, Raobahadoor Thube, Sakharamji Jedhe to mention a few for the development of the society.

At present Shrimant Shahu Maharaj of Kolhapur is President of the Society and Shri Shashikant Sutar as is Hon. Secretary.

The society runs three high schools, an English medium school, three junior/senior colleges, D.Ed, B.Ed. college, two colleges for vocational courses and a Law college. Today society runs more than 20 schools and colleges under its umbrella in which about more than 25,000 students are pursuing education from Pre-primary to Post graduate level.
Shri. Shashikant Sutar
Honorary Secretary
Shri Shivaji Maratha
Society, Pune-2

My Dear students, 

Education is the only wealth that one can carry; a person becomes richer by acquiring good education thereby enabling the person to have a sound foundation in life. It stimulates mental capability to distinguish well from bad. It widens ones vision and provides universal understanding and global living.

Keeping this view the Shri ShiVaji Maratha Society has been established to give equal opportunities to everyone i.e. Bhahujan Hitaya and Bhahujan Sukhaya.

Institute of Management Research and Pune (IMR) was established in 2001 with the objective of creating centers of excellence for education in the field of Management. Our Objective behind starting IMR was to

make management education available to all masses who are desirous of achieving it.I also visualized that a social transformation can be brought through the medium of dynamic education, by which IMR becomes an institution of higher education with social commitment.  It becomes an even greater challenge for the education sector to nurture and groom such abundant talent, which is all set to take industry's quest for excellence to dazzling new heights. It is in this same spirit of academic excellence to meet corporate expectations we at IMR have laid each brick to progress by keeping the principles, planning policy, smooth administration, Zeal of our great King Chh. Shri. Shivaji Maharaj.

We have created a learning culture, a friendly environment that facilitates full growth and development of our management students. To achieve this we have the best faculty from diverse fields & expertise both from academic and corporate world.

We have invested in state of the art facilities, infrastructure and skilled human resources to supplement the culture and environment of Shri Shivaji Maratha Society’s good governance.

I hope you would be one of those fortunate management students who would get an admission to IMR. I am certain that your life at our campus will be academically fruitful and pleasant.

My best wishes to you for all the success in your professional career life.

Warm Welcome
Shri. Shashikant Sutar
Honorary Secretary

Board of Management of Shri Shivaji Maratha Society, Pune

  Name of the members Designation
  Shrimant Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj, Kolhapur President
  Shri Manikrao Satavpatil Vice President
  Shri. Shashikant Sutar Hon. Secretary
  Shri. Rajendra Sopanrao Jagtap Hon. Joint Secretary
  Shri. Jagdish Aanandrao Jedhe Treasurer
  Shri. Bhagwan Rao Salunke Chairman, Governing Council
  Shri. Sahebrao Jadhav Chairman, Working Committee
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